Faculty Professional Development Charge:   

The Ventura College Professional Development Committee creates and fosters opportunities for faculty and staff to grow and improve as professionals.  These opportunities should be designed so as to promote and practice better inclusivity and diversity for faculty, staff, and students. 

Faculty Professional Development Goals:  

Goals of the committee for this year include increasing broader participation in professional development, lowering barriers that prohibit engagement in professional development opportunities,  

  • Provide education and engagement activities on anti-racism and its various intersectionality as well as other inclusive practices 

  • Regular, monthly speaker and sandwich club discussions 

  • Align with the goal of the college 

  • Align with Diversity in Culture to provide professional development for faculty & promoting the festival 

  • Organizing all faculty PD items in one place 

Faculty Professional Development Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month from 3:30-4:30pm. Please contact Colleen Coffey or Kamelia Algiers for meeting details.

 ** Please contact Oscar Rivera for New Faculty On-Boarding information


2022 - 2023

Colleen Coffey - History

Kamelia (Kammy) Algiers - Biology 
Nicholas Norris - Business Nicole Falco - Business
Emily Bartel - Counseling  Rachel Johnson - Child Development 
David Carlander - English Crystal Kallik - Business
Maria (Gigi) Fiumerodo - Anthropology James (Jimmy) Walker - Athletics